Will 2k (ft. K-ci)

Will Smith


Its here and I like it

[Will Smith]

Whoo! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!

Big Will, uh K-Ci y'all bringing it in



Its here and I like it

(Say what? What?)

(Say what? What?)

Gonna pack the dance floor

(And do what with it?)

Rock the dance floor

[Will Smith]

Here it comes the party of a lifetime

31st of December

Man I remember when the ball dropped for 90

Now it's 9-9, ten years behind me

What's gonna happen?

Don't nobody know

We'll see when the clock gets to 12-0-0

Chaos, the cops gonna block the street

Man who the hell cares?

Just don't stop the beat

No time to sleep, yo it's on tonight

K-C you feeling me right? (Yeah)

2-0-0-0, the Will 2 K

The new millennium, yo excuse me Willennium (yeah)

It can't get thicker than this (Big Will)

Slick like Rick I can't miss

(And we gonna party like it's 19)

Hold up it is


Here it comes another year

Come on everyone, new millennium

Here it comes another year

Everyone, new millennium

[Will Smith]

There's a party tonight

Everybody was drinking

The house was screaming

And the bass was shaking

And it won't be long

Till everybody knowing

That twelve o'clock the roof will be blowing

Drinks on me, up the cups, and

Midnight coming full thrust, and

Dick Clark holding it down, and

The second hand rolling around (Na, na, na, na)

Hundred thousands deep, world wide press

Hate to be the man that gotta clean this mess

Same resolution, get to my knee

Ain't where we've been, it's where we gonna be

Get ready to hum Auld Lang Syne

Cause a person that know the words is hard to find

First soul train line of the year

Four, three, two, one

[K-Ci] (Will Smith)

Its here and I like it

(Whoo! K-Ci y'all, K-Ci y'all)

Gonna pack the dance floor

(And do what with it?)

Rock the dance floor

(Uh, uh, uh)


Here it comes anoth


Willard Christopher Smith II (born September 25, 1968) is an American Oscar nominated actor and a multiple Grammy winning hip hop artist. He is one of few people who have enjoyed legitimate success in the three major entertainment media in the United States: film, television, and the music industry.

Will Smith was born and raised in West Philadelphia. He spent most of his days in a playground, training basketball and relaxing all cool. Career-wise ... selengkapnya

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