Stone Garden

The Psycho Realm

[Mr Duke speaking]

This jam right here is dedicated

To all you motherfucker that ain't right here

You're supposed to be right here with me, motherfucker

You know what I'm saying ?

You know what the fuck I'm saying

I'll catch up with you soon, homies

Ah ah, yeah, we'll catch up to you all

All of you motherfucker

And you know what I'm saying

cause at the end, at the end we all diiiie


Sounds like Gods are crying tears of Malathion

Raining over your head to put out the fire

Who desires to die? besides, the suicidal tendencies

Can lead to the eternal sleep

So keep you eyes wide open and alive

Grab your snake and ride to the other side

If your intention is to defy death

I'll tell you now, even the best get laid to rest

We're on our way to the stone garden

End of the road were everybody goes but not forgotten

Frames all rotten souls travel to unravel

Other worlds and big cloud castles

Why do we have these hassles, livin' cautious

Walking the street watching your back?

Your fear's collosus

We conquer souls while ganja rolls

Everybody here's high so the story unfolds

We're on another planet thought, thinking immortal

But the path we're on leads us straight to the portal

Chorus: [Jacken & (Mr Duke)]

(Devil's in disguise)

They're coming to claim us

Let it come as no surprise

I stare into the face of death

'Cause at the end of their time, everybody dies

[Mr Duke]

This is a time of pain

Warzone for your own gain

I roam the middle with the metal 'cause I'm insane

Break frames... catch a smoking

Is i


Jack and older brother Duke make up the chicano (Mexican-American) hip-hop group that has long reigned as the undisputed king of the Los Angeles underground scene, cultivating an army of devoted fans known as the Sick Soldiers.

The first seeds of Psycho Realm were sown in the tough downtown Pico-Union neighborhood, right across the street from Doheny Park. First-generation Americans and the eldest two of the four Gonzalez boys, Jack and Gustavo, a.k.a. "Duke," grew up in the contentious neighborhood in the mid- and late-1980s. ... selengkapnya

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