Show Of Force

The Psycho Realm

We exert power with metal showers at all hours

While they devour with mental prowess

And kill ours

Show of force for harm it's main source

We divorce our current leaders with no remorse

Crash course position

The miniature plastic soldiers

Onto the carefully drafted, disastered dirt war

What is it for we hurt your group

And every troop that's with me will work toward

Damaging your central areas with eventual pain

The rain is repeated to gain essential upper hand

Needed to stump the plan we land

My artillery shoots when let loose shoots and

My bullets rams piercing the skin of other men

In battle we rattle the shadow of death no win

Thin chance if you're trying to survive

The grim dance

When the bomb lands your odds

For death and enhanced

Soldiers stance warriors tranced with drug spells

We advance through burning sands in slug hells

Chemical warfare gas mask is the savior

Temporary relief, release from the danger

Silence is a stranger, anger commanding demanding

Other sides surrendering to the strangler

Show of force we cross and aim higher

Knock' em down then we cease fire

Take time to consider the bitter sweet no glitter

Or glamour the hammer drops in any manner

The scanner detects the weak speak up for yours

Any cause of revolution and evolution of law

Draws the conclusion of people abusin' their roles

Hold on to the controls

Your soul's slipping into darkness

Heartless individual start this and part this

Connection we bought this and sought this out

We about it - the message

You never re-route or doubt it

People might even shout it louder to gain power

For many frustrated for truth

And knowledge of self

Wealth plays the back shelf

What's delt, you melt

To false livin' and misgiven and misguided

Paths you take to make bread, break bread

While others are tryin' to stay fed

Where you head at

Can't believe I said that

But it's a dead fact

You can't run from reality homie

Judge me but you don't know me

Only the lonely can lay claim the same

Go out to the people sleepin'

You better wake up

Take up the whole make up

Insert the data a matter of fact

Scatter the chatter of every lop

Who gather in flocks batter up

The game's on, put your frames on

Look at the names on the wall

Suckas are ready to fall

In the war story

We find glory with blind fury

Hurry up let out the power without jury

Blurry eyes fire the weapons

And act purely out of survival

Rather be free or get buried

Symphonies soundtrack

The march of those daring

Walking through the firing ranges

With guns glaring

Injustice scaring the masses to stop caring

Tell us apart by the masks that we're wearing

Show of force


Jack and older brother Duke make up the chicano (Mexican-American) hip-hop group that has long reigned as the undisputed king of the Los Angeles underground scene, cultivating an army of devoted fans known as the Sick Soldiers.

The first seeds of Psycho Realm were sown in the tough downtown Pico-Union neighborhood, right across the street from Doheny Park. First-generation Americans and the eldest two of the four Gonzalez boys, Jack and Gustavo, a.k.a. "Duke," grew up in the contentious neighborhood in the mid- and late-1980s. ... selengkapnya

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