The Psycho Realm

couldn't belive your eyes

when you see what the fuck is comin'

psyclones all you sorry mothafuckas runnin'

the city has turned to renegades

with guns and blades

and criminals seeking to get paid

i maintain, keep cool-ahead

in the face of destruction whether i live or die

unpredictable, invincible, untameable, individual

uncontrollable like a psycho deadly

so let us begin to take your min'

to another plane 'cause i know you ain't ready

the course of the psyclone is steady

so who in their right mind

would get in the way of the machete?

the serpent fuckin' with me

in the turbulent times of war on the street

gran your fuckin' heat

come with me inside the whirl wind

everybody's welcome into the psycho's den


even though we don't know the attack's exact origin

man-made diseases show traces of an assassain

the goverment went deranged and came blastin'

tryin' to finish us off with poisoned rations

as you sleep

nightmares and dreamscapes awake

now it's time to renovate

use thoughts and plots to elevate

violence is like cellophane storing all you renegades

the only thing is you're already spoiled

so now you play the game

teams are spread out all over your city

mobile with your lo lo

on 520's and 560's

guns and drugs are spread into your town

you must realize open your eyes wide

the drama will be televised

revolution waitin' for your input like dail tones

strap on the psyclone's takin' your zone

grab your weapon keep streppin'

if you don't defend

don't mention it to anybody who questions


Jack and older brother Duke make up the chicano (Mexican-American) hip-hop group that has long reigned as the undisputed king of the Los Angeles underground scene, cultivating an army of devoted fans known as the Sick Soldiers.

The first seeds of Psycho Realm were sown in the tough downtown Pico-Union neighborhood, right across the street from Doheny Park. First-generation Americans and the eldest two of the four Gonzalez boys, Jack and Gustavo, a.k.a. "Duke," grew up in the contentious neighborhood in the mid- and late-1980s. ... selengkapnya

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