Moving Through The Street

The Psycho Realm

I'm from the family sick symphonies underground crowds are into me

Got out the industry 'cause the label became my enemy

It wasn't meant to be the machine was just trying to censor me

Didn't do it for sony so they ended up releasing me

Independent no longer locked down for an infinity

So my vicinity remains true to my identity

Sick jacken exploiting the sound verbal attacking ear drums

From where you're standing you'll catch the rapping

Music of the mask infiltrate past blast out your loud speaker

Haters get ass we get the last laugh like bloodstone

Look at the picture tell me what's wrong

Earthquake weather turned la into a flood zone

We dry it up come with the raw when we transmit the rhyme network

Psycho realm that's my conecta

Sick fucks backing the music with drugs

And now we're taking over the scene we're straight thugs

Hit the exit move the package as we get it

Sick dogs push in the gates and invade it

Moving the revolution through using

All kinds of musical forms of confusion

You win the area battle raw fusion

And fights that light up the night and spell ruin

For street teams caught in youth groups of two's and three's

Means they're shooting soldiers into the county

Radio alerting the streets reach those available

Decide which way to go and which not we move unfadable

Unbreakable underground sounds will be invading you

There's nothing you could do we're breaking through

We move through kingdoms of violent silent weapons

Employ those firing

We're dying

While the puppet master's jerking strings smiling we're fighting

In the street ring not even defying the plan

They set the money bait and we're biting

We document images on song using vocal print

On how you get prepared to go to war against the monument

It's always been and will always be crooked government

Controlling the streets running shit while we're gunning it

Die on it bleed with more numbers than we succe


Jack and older brother Duke make up the chicano (Mexican-American) hip-hop group that has long reigned as the undisputed king of the Los Angeles underground scene, cultivating an army of devoted fans known as the Sick Soldiers.

The first seeds of Psycho Realm were sown in the tough downtown Pico-Union neighborhood, right across the street from Doheny Park. First-generation Americans and the eldest two of the four Gonzalez boys, Jack and Gustavo, a.k.a. "Duke," grew up in the contentious neighborhood in the mid- and late-1980s. ... selengkapnya

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