Last Call

Tha Alkaholiks

Intro: Bartender and J-Ro

Yo last call, last call, last call for alcohol!

At two, you're through!

{J-Ro} Ay bartendah! Bartender!

{Bart} Yo whassup man?

{J-Ro} Ay man, man let me get a... rummmmm an coke

{Bart} Yo man don't you think you had a little bit too much to drink?

{J-Ro} Ay just let me get one more man

{Bart} Yo man I'm lookin out for you man, it's your life

{J-Ro} Man I'll hop over this motherfucker and get my OWN damn drink

Hey niggy, what time it is...

Verse One: Tash

It's time to roll my sleeves, fuck a few MC's up

Another rough cut, from the crew that won't ease up

The Alkaholik click, AKA the forty downers

Flips rhymes like Calvin flips fries and quarter pounders

I never drink and drive cuz I might spill my drink

I failed the breathalizer so they took me to the clink

Niggaz earlin in the sink cause they can't fade the Cisco

I'm from the old school but I never rocked a disco

Loops from the group that, likes to smack the bitches

Tha Liks is hittin hookers like a gangsta hittin switches

Front, to the back, to the side, to the side

And make you dance with these bitches but, no electric slidin

And I'm about to flip, but first I'm bout to sip

Off the forty ounce of brew that I was savin for the trip

Back to the lab cuz all I do is bang cuts

That's why I hang around my group like a dick hang with nuts

Verse Two: J-Ro

I push one two's when niggaz step on my shoes

Oh you haven't heard the news I've been giving fools blues

Manhandling chumps that step up, just to keep my rep up

I push my fist through your grill

I never became a gangsta, thanks ta, my skill

on the nine inches of steel

You ask me what the K's for, they don't mean nothin


Tha Alkaholiks, also known as Tha Liks, are an American hip-hop group from Los Angeles, California. Since the early 1990s they have produced funky, upbeat, hedonism-themed party music with a hardcore hip hop edge, powered by the beats of DJ and producer E-Swift (born Eric Brooks in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) and the lively, comedic rhymes of J-Ro (born James Robinson in Los Angeles) and Tash (born Rico Smith in Cincinnati). Though commercial crossover success largely eluded the group ... selengkapnya

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