Mona Lisa

Slick Rick

[Ricky Walters]

Ladies and gentlemen... and lowlifes

It is with outstanding pleasure

that we are here to present tonight...

Slick Rick the Ruler! And MC Ricky D!!

Doing their smash hit "Mona Lisa "

you know like the picture?

Anyway I'd like to take this time out

to bow before his divine majesty

[Ricky] Oh your majesty...

[Slick] Hmm?

[Ricky] Can I kiss your hand?

[Slick] Mm hmm

[Ricky] (kisses his hand loudly)

[Slick] Enough!

[Ricky] Come your highness.. they await you..

[Slick Rick]

Well, it was one of those days -- not much to do

I was chillin downtown, with my old school crew

I went into a store -- to buy a slice of pizza

And bumped into a girl, her name was Mona -- what?

Mona Lisa (what?) *singing* Mona Lisa, so men made you..

YouknowhatI'msayin? So I said, "Excuse me, dear

my gosh, you look nice!

Put away your money

I'll buy that slice!"

She said, "Thanks - I'd rather a slice of you

I'm just kidding, but that's awfully nice of you"

The compliment showed she had a mind in her

And when I smiled (PING!) I almost blinded her

She said, "Great Scott! Are you a thief?

Seems like you have a mouth full of gold teeth"

Ha-ha, hah! Had to find that funny

So I said, "No child, I work hard for the money

And calling me a thief? Please! Don't even try it (Right!)

Sit down eat your slice of pizza, and be quiet"

She almost got cut short -- you know, scissors

She tried to disrespect WHO?! The Grand Wizard

Me! "Well what's your name, son?"

"MC Ricky D," but not to be so harsh I said to Mona Li-hee

"I'm.. sorry and I kno


Slick Rick (born Richard Walters on January 14, 1965 in South Wimbledon, London, England) is an East Coast rapper, known for a series of hip hop recordings during the 1980s. He was blinded by broken glass as an infant and took to wearing an eyepatch from an early age. Walters moved with his family to the Bronx in 1975.

Charlie Rock of Harlem World crew was instrumental in Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick being brought together. When Doug requested an introduction after he had seen him win local MC battle contests. ... selengkapnya

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