Hey Young World

Slick Rick

Guess who's back (3X)

Hey young world... the world is yours

Hey young world... the world is yours

Young world young world... the world is yours

Young wo ah huh huh huh urld

This rap here... it may cause concern it's

broad and deep... why don't you listen and learn

Love mean happiness... that once was strong

But due to society... even that's turned wrong

Times have changed... and it's cool to look bummy

and be a dumb dummy and disrespect your mummy

Have you forgotten... who put you on this Earth?

Who brought you up right... and who loved you since your birth?

Reward is a brainwashed kid goin wild

Young little girls already have a child

Bad company... hey, now you've been framed

Your parents are hurting... hurting and ashamed

You're ruining yourself... and your mommy can't cope

Hey, little kids don't follow these dopes

Here's a rule for the non cool... your life, don't drool

Don't be a fool like those that don't go to school

Get ahead... and accomplish things

You'll see the wonder and the joy life brings

Don't admire thieves... hey they don't admire you

Their time's limited, hardrocks too

So listen, be strong, scream whoopee-doo

Go for yours, cause dreams come true

And you'll make your mommy proud... so proud of you too

And this is a message... that the Ruler Rick threw

And it's true

"You know, you know what, you know what, you know what?

We like to party, like to party"

(repeat 3X)

Hey young world, the world is yours

Hey young world

"Yo peep this"

Hey Mr. Bigshot... hey, don't you look fly?

But you don


Slick Rick (born Richard Walters on January 14, 1965 in South Wimbledon, London, England) is an East Coast rapper, known for a series of hip hop recordings during the 1980s. He was blinded by broken glass as an infant and took to wearing an eyepatch from an early age. Walters moved with his family to the Bronx in 1975.

Charlie Rock of Harlem World crew was instrumental in Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick being brought together. When Doug requested an introduction after he had seen him win local MC battle contests. ... selengkapnya

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