Memory Lane


It's like you can see right through me,

and other times it's im never there.

Sometimes I get mad,

but I really want you to understand,

im doing the best I can do for you.

I don't know what more could go wrong,

I hope that we can make it through strong.

But if we dont,


I will be walking through memory lane,

from our first year aniversery

to the first time you said you loved me

and even our first dance,memory lane.La la la

la la la.

you are the one that trust the most,

you'r my best friend.

I just want you to to know,

that we'll be friends till the end.


You were my first crush,

and our first kiss was such a rush.

I will never forget it.

course 2x

Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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