Set Me Up

Project 86

Right in front of me dropping another game

Now I watch your face as your eyes look down

Away from my glance

Backstabbed as I hear the cracks drop smack

I count the ways your little whispers swell to greet my daze

Underground, so down, your scene above me

But now I see so clearly

I'm not down, I never could be

And it's long past time for me to show you

Speak my mind in response to your condescending way

Of placing me below your feet

"It's not what you know, it's who you know"

But all I know now is you live for the show"

Smiles in my face with smirks in your eyes

And I understand what it means to be

"Ligit" in your eyes, not I

Nor none of my "attempts" to be on the inside

I'm not down, I never could be

And it's time, this time I'll show you

Set me up

Knocked down

Knocked down from your clique, you

Understand how you rejected me

I look at your face and weep for your "scene"

So I ask myself what needs to be said

What now, what light can I shed?

As I battle to fight down the angry thought

That's swelling to escape my head

So it's plain as day and you can see

that I have a right to explain my self to you

So don't look away or turn away or laugh away

Because your "scene" is dead today

We can't brign ourselves back down to this level

Because you are no better than me

Down with all that took us away from standing as one and living as one

Am I so different from you that you cannot dispel with your status

and look at my face?

Am I so distant from you that I cannot break free from this stereotype today?

Am I so separate from you that you cannot regard me as equal

and clean this stain?

Profil PROJECT 86

Project 86 is a christian hard rock band from Orange County, CA, USA

In 1998, Project 86 released its self-titled debut on BEC Recordings, a division of Tooth & Nail Records, and was immediately labeled "rapcore" due to strong similarities to acts such as Rage Against the Machine. Though Schwab's vocals could barely be called rapping, it was a convenient label due to the popularity of that genre of music at the time. The album and a supporting tour opening for P. ... selengkapnya

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