Me Against Me

Project 86

I will not forget the day when the sides were chosen

Me against me

Clothing so drenched with sweat

and the teeth they were clenched

Who can I trust when I...

Grabbed hold my enemy's neck

and choked 'till he ceased

Blistered with disbelief I awake dead

And when I awoke I couldn't believe it was me

All the time it was me

So many times we smile in pride

Putting such faith in what we've accomplished

But minutes ago we were (minutes ago we were)

Slitting our wrists, running for sympathy

Profil PROJECT 86

Project 86 is a christian hard rock band from Orange County, CA, USA

In 1998, Project 86 released its self-titled debut on BEC Recordings, a division of Tooth & Nail Records, and was immediately labeled "rapcore" due to strong similarities to acts such as Rage Against the Machine. Though Schwab's vocals could barely be called rapping, it was a convenient label due to the popularity of that genre of music at the time. The album and a supporting tour opening for P. ... selengkapnya

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