Project 86

I hear a voice speaking softly amidst the breathing

An invitation to a place where hearts are breathing

To a place where your dreams are made

Where songs are played

Where drinking never ceases and no dismay

I'm pushing my senses away to take another step

With my concience aware of my heart's intent

I feel a whisper, a friendly voice start to rise

"Indulge until your heart's content and pay no mind.

Tomorrow is a lifetime away and this is here.

The time is now, so there's nothing to fear."

This hint of disaster is a beautiful face

Hiding grins, fronting the chills of warm embrace

"I'll take you to a place where chimes are ringing

To a place with a chill where souls are singing

I'll bring you to a state of nightmares clinging

Where your innocence dies with lies I'm bringing"

I'll take you to a place lying six feet below

Where bodies lie cowering soft and slow

And where the song of the chimes keeps ringing

And outside the window the demons are singing

I see the faces aware but the room is empty

And now I'm owned by my lifeless stare

My shelves are bare

I'm dreaming about a second chance to go back

Rewind the clock and attempt a playback

"Follow me to pain and I'll show you"

Profil PROJECT 86

Project 86 is a christian hard rock band from Orange County, CA, USA

In 1998, Project 86 released its self-titled debut on BEC Recordings, a division of Tooth & Nail Records, and was immediately labeled "rapcore" due to strong similarities to acts such as Rage Against the Machine. Though Schwab's vocals could barely be called rapping, it was a convenient label due to the popularity of that genre of music at the time. The album and a supporting tour opening for P. ... selengkapnya

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