You Got Shot

Prince Paul

featuring Breeze Sha


"You got shot cuz you knocked knocked knocked

Who's there another motherfuckin hard rock" [ODB] 4x


If you knock on my door you better been there before

Cuz for trespassin you know I got the cure

I sleep wit hot lead and it'll be dawn 'fore dead

I'll let my girl go 'fore my gun leaves my bed

Every man want heaven but no man want dead

As the pope once said, 'fore the dred lost his head

So I keep my door locked, my gun cold-cocked

First nigga that knock, I'm lightin up the whole block

Test me not if you don't want to get hot

Cuz I have missing posters filled wit all you hard rocks

And I suggest, if you don't want to get blessed

Just remember to wear your bullet-proof vest

"You got shot cuz you not not not

Who's there another mother" "BLAOW"


It's showdown, brother high noon

My soul questin like old Westerns

The low down gonna die soon

The True fake, you gonna fall to rock-bottom

When my glock spot em, then for you snake you gonna crawl

Crumblin, messin wit me, definitely humblin

Mumblin mercy, thirsty I need to hear it

I need your spirit decimated, desecrated my core up to the extreme

Before you do your next scheme, deserve to leave you sufferin

You gots to catch a payback, from her to me

Your brother been your brother kid from way back

Ain't no shame in your drama

You will be feelin the heat from you stealin my beat

Down to you gamin my mama

Aimin a bomb to finish wit you, diminsh split you

You done pushed me, shit I didn't even get to kill that pussy

But now I'm bout to kill it, fill it, spill it on t


Prince Paul (born Paul Huston) is a legendary DJ and hip hop producer. Prince Paul is known for having a very unorthodox, but mostly well-received sense of humor. Musically, he was one of the driving forces of what was to become known as alternative rap, by using surprising samples and quirky humour.

Originally a member of Stetsasonic, he produced De La Soul's 1989 debut album 3 Feet High and Rising (It was on this album that Prince Paul invented the hip hop skit which has a long-standing and pervasive tradition on Hip hop albums to this day). ... selengkapnya

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