War Party

Prince Paul

featuring Horror City

I'm that dope up in your brain with syringes

Comin through kickin doors off the fuckin hinges

I'm in this like forty fiends on seven day ventures

Comin with my family offend the great beginners

The slender of a never ending back bender

My agenda be the legal tender blue fox in the winter

Say it with me yes mad style in the streets

Bitches that be blowin up my hip with mad reaps

Murder me? You musta never fuckin heard of me

I get thank you letters for my mind, you see, I'm fillin vacancies

And don't even mention surgery, because they awarded me

For bein a man who do the most to boost the industry

Injure me, see the evil spirits enter me

Now it's singletary, now imagine me, an entity (uuhhhh!)

If I cut you through, you not bleed

If I bust up in a guts, douching out ?????

I hear the silent dope fiends scream

It's gotta mean somebody's scheme, on the stash again

I'm spittin hollow points like phlegm

I'd probably bring a friend but he'd say

ease, I'm driftin off in the galaxies

Feel the sea freeze throughout vicinities, eeaaaww!!

While prophecies that kick the sky splits

Omigod, droppin clips is this the end?

Forever I'll be never injured, why because the devil had me shook

I'm shakin, this evil spirits takin flesh is bakin in

Here's a, special delivery, of the pain and misery

Can you maintain it? The degrees of temperature can be caused

I'm the guy that pulls the wool over your eyes, and move

I watch streets, the 45s in the skies, and be

Whatever y'all call that, that bridges the gap

And in suspended animation and reality rap

Picture like Kodak, and wax floors clean, is Kojak

Engine Nova


Prince Paul (born Paul Huston) is a legendary DJ and hip hop producer. Prince Paul is known for having a very unorthodox, but mostly well-received sense of humor. Musically, he was one of the driving forces of what was to become known as alternative rap, by using surprising samples and quirky humour.

Originally a member of Stetsasonic, he produced De La Soul's 1989 debut album 3 Feet High and Rising (It was on this album that Prince Paul invented the hip hop skit which has a long-standing and pervasive tradition on Hip hop albums to this day). ... selengkapnya

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