Handle Your Time

Prince Paul

featuring Kid Creole Sadat X Xzibit

[Convict 2/Sadat X]

Oh my goodness! Look what they sendin through nowadays

Ah it's a light weight

And he got a smirk on his face like it's all of that

Yeah well we gone see what it is

[Convict 1/Xzibit]

What you in for everything under the sun

Recently got me first degree wit a hot gun

That's my third strike so Xzibit can't go home

Fight to see Daylight like Sylvester Stallone

Don't ask too many questions nigga, keep that on the d-low

My family might mistake you for an undercover C-O

Last one that tried didn't make it past bookin

Five times in the neck when everybody was lookin

[Convict 2/Sadat X]

You see the judge, but he don't budge

That's you're third felony, I believe strike three

Remanded and stranded, to the cold steel granite

Lost to the world, your moms and your girl

Keep your weight up, or your ass get ate up

Cats is stickin, straight up

Wit the shank, get more time in the tank

Ask Hank, he bout to bank, killed a cop wit high rank

They gave him life and now another cat is fuckin his wife

[Convict 1/Xzibit]

Just because I'm locked down don't mean the hustlin stop

Her-oine and beer joints twenty dollars a pop

You a new recruit, so today I'm lettin you slide

But tomorrow you'll be confronted wit the two's in the side

If you a smart mothafucker, you'll be fallin wit mine

Behind bars, no bitches and cars, we only got time

We're I'm from, time is money and got neither to waste

Once in a while catch a Cannanite in the wrong place

BEAT HIM DOWN, break the strongest hand, piss in his face

Strike fear, play the rear, 'fore he catchin a case


Prince Paul (born Paul Huston) is a legendary DJ and hip hop producer. Prince Paul is known for having a very unorthodox, but mostly well-received sense of humor. Musically, he was one of the driving forces of what was to become known as alternative rap, by using surprising samples and quirky humour.

Originally a member of Stetsasonic, he produced De La Soul's 1989 debut album 3 Feet High and Rising (It was on this album that Prince Paul invented the hip hop skit which has a long-standing and pervasive tradition on Hip hop albums to this day). ... selengkapnya

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