A Prince Among Thieves

Prince Paul

featuring Sha

[T Bone]

"I tried to be there but you wouldn't let me in

before hustlin' we were friends!"


Damn what a price to pay

shows that torch you can't take away

now forever sleep is where your body'll lay

restin' in peace is what I hope and pray

Shit what I will tell your moms

as she breakin' down in the brother's arms

but she don't know the truth so I've the only chance

he started buggin' callin' in the work

kept another theme so they called him Kirk

after he got caught he got real berserk

found out he was smokin' from a cavilled world

I wanted to be the first one to play it at

Yo son, I'd only sow but he used crack

and this is somethin' that I can't believe

comin' from A Prince among Thieves!


"Sometimes I wondered but I didn't understand

just when you were trying to go, won you the bet

I tried to be there but you wouldn't let me in

before hustlin' we were friends!"


I thought I would have been better if I'd just let'em be

but he started showin' two faces one for you one for me

I watched though change ?shit's so Mitchell what's re-strange?

leave on a train get dropped back off in a range

a friendship taken aback conceived ya coped gain

lookin' at your mummy, yah two can feel your pain

Yo son, my man, I didn't dig the trap

what in the world would have pushed him to do that

a god fearin' boy has high erased him

mummy don't blame yourself when you are gettin' praised

raisin' two kids strugglin' all alone

takin' what life had to offer your


Prince Paul (born Paul Huston) is a legendary DJ and hip hop producer. Prince Paul is known for having a very unorthodox, but mostly well-received sense of humor. Musically, he was one of the driving forces of what was to become known as alternative rap, by using surprising samples and quirky humour.

Originally a member of Stetsasonic, he produced De La Soul's 1989 debut album 3 Feet High and Rising (It was on this album that Prince Paul invented the hip hop skit which has a long-standing and pervasive tradition on Hip hop albums to this day). ... selengkapnya

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