Jackie left on a cold, dark night Telling me he'd be home Sailed the seas for a hundred years And left me all alone Now I?ve been dead for twenty years I've been washing the sand with my ghostly tears Searching the shores for my Jackie, oh Now I remember the day that the young man came Said, your Jackie's gone, he's lost in the rain And I ran to the beach And laid me down You're all wrong, I said As they stared to the sun That man knows that sea like the back of his hand He'll be back some time Laughing at you Well I've been waiting all this time For my man to come, take his hand in mine And lead me away To unseen shores I've been washing the sand with my salty tears Searching the shore these long years And I'll walk the sea forever more Till I find my Jackie, oh Jackie, oh Jackie, oh Jackie, oh


There are multiple artists with this name: 1) A popular British rock band. 2) A Belgian jazz band. 3) A Canadian punk band. 4) A British post-punk duo.

1) Placebo is a three-piece alternative rock band, formed in London, United Kingdom, when former Luxembourg schoolmates Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal - who never actually spoke to each other at the time - met by accident at South Kensington train station in 1994. During their 'accidental' meet, Molko invited Olsdal to one of his gigs, where Olsdal was impressed by Molko's unique vocals. ... selengkapnya

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