The Pimp Is Free (Intro)

Pimp C

Awwww yeah... back in the lab once again... with my nigga Pimp C... you know Pimp we showed the world what it mean to unite... with the Free Pimp C movement.... and all the soliders that represented... we appreciate ya... to my nigga Bun B that lead the ship... you showed em what keepin it real is all about...

and mamma.. yeah i said mamma...
your son is home out of the slave master system and we about to act real bad and make a bunch of money...

yo Pimp we been waitin on this one for a looong time... and since the pimp is free give us some of that ghetto dope procces in Port Aurthor... Texas

Profil PIMP C

Chad Butler (December 29, 1973 - December 4, 2007), better known by his stage name Pimp C, was an American hip hop artist and producer. He was one half of the influential hip hop group UGK.

Chad Lemon Butler was born in Port Arthur, Texas, USA. There he met his friend, who would later become Bun B and together they formed the Houston-based rap group UGK. They rapped 'underground', until the duo signed with Jive Records in 1987. Pimp worked hard on the first UGK project, The Southern Way, which was available in 1988 and on cassette only. ... selengkapnya

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