Don't Ask Me


Quit acting so friendly.

Don't nod don't laugh all nicely.

Don't think you'll up-end me.

Don't sigh, don't sip your iced-tea.

And don't say, "It's been a while..."

And don't flash that stupid smile.

Don't ask me how I've been.

Don't think I've forgotten,

you never liked that necklace.

So cordial, so rotten...

Kiss, kiss, let's meet for breakfast.

Don't show up so on-time

and don't act like you're so kind

Don't ask me how I've been.

Don't sit there and play just

so frank, so straight, so candid,

so thoughtful, so gracious,

so sound, so even-handed.

Don't be so damn benign

and don't waste my fucking time.

Don't ask me how I've been.

Hey! Get over it!

Profil OK GO

OK Go is an American indie rock band which formed in Chicago, Illinois, United States in 1998. The band consists of Damian Kulash (guitar, vocals), Tim Nordwind (bass), Andy Ross (guitar, keyboards), and Dan Konopka (drums). The band is best known for their singles "Get Over It", "A Million Ways", "Here It Goes Again" and "This Too Shall Pass" and for their high concept, low budget, one-shot music videos.

They play indie rock music, with influences such as Cheap Trick, T Rex and Queen. ... selengkapnya

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