Black Girl Lost


*click* *dialtone* *numbers being dialed*

*phone rings, is picked up right away*

[G1] HELLO?!

[G2] Whassup girl..

[G1] Ain't nothin - this nigga in here stressin

talkin that old off the wall back to Africa shit again

[G2] What, that God Body shit?

[G1] Yeah, that dumb shit

I'm tryin to get up OUTTA here

[G2] I hear that.. but yo, you know the spot is pumpin tonight

[G1] Word f'real where?

[G2] You know, where the real niggaz is poppin the Cristal


[G1] Ha hah! Word where the real niggaz at?

[JoJo Hailey]

Listen.. to reason

Pretty baby baby listen..


A young wild beautiful love child

You like them thug style link rockin, then mink coppin

Hit you on the sink a hundred dollar drink poppin

The head'll make you take him shoppin, a foul doctrine

Reminiscent of my first time up in a chick

You was innocent, but now you rent-a-dick, wear the tightest shit

Chanel lookin real, airbrushed nails

Hit the gym, hit the scales, heaven-sent but negligent (so fine..)

To see a prophecy, your ebony tone is lockin me

The way you moan make me daydream of you on top of me

Wishin I could be the one man; but you juggle

way too many Willies all in one hand

You wanna run up in clubs, gettin rubbed on

Niggaz pull your hair, shake your fat rear

Get your fuck on - followin week, you back there

But what you stuck on, weed, clowns and cars

Puffin with some lil nigga, husband not knowin she's out

Could you believe Eve, Mother Earth of the seas

Niggaz thirst you, you just let em hurt you and leave

What up mah, frontin like you naive

Pusherman's whip, callin police when you flip

Can't understand it, yo it should be a throne for us

But for now that's a whole different zone from us, word!

Chorus: JoJo Hailey

Diamonds all shinin, lookin all fine

Pretty little face, get a little high

Young girl stugglin, tryin to survive

Mother of the Earth, she made you and

Profil NAS

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, more commonly known as Nas (formerly Nasty Nas and Escobar), born September 14, 1973 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, is a prominent American MC. The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, he was raised in the infamous Queensbridge housing projects in Queensbridge, New York. According to the Nasty Songfacts, as a teenager rapper, Nasir first went by the nickname Kid Wave before adopting his more commonly known alias of Nasty Nas. ... selengkapnya

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