Indoor Living

Motion City Soundtrack

outside the sidelines failing,

harder than the martyred stars of made-for-tv crime

indoor living in a cardboard confines

counts for very little when safe is just a state of mind.

i fell off the sidelines long ago,

i have no occupation, i'm just wasted for the weekend scene

so don't ask me out, don't make me try,

'cause i don't wanna let you, i don't wanna...

i cant complain if i dont know how

its a sad sad song with no story line

i fall to sleep in my rented room

its not much to talk about,

i've got so much to talk about

but i dont wanna let you

i dont wanna let you down

last call for societal knockdowns

measure my endeavors loosely based

on someone elses song

melodrama and a bottle of wine

yeah, here's to self expression

here's to everyone that's dead

bring back the days that fell behind

i'm all wasted conversations

in the corner of an empty room

so dont ask me out

dont make me try

'cause i don't wanna let you

i don't wanna...

outside the sidelines

failing harder than the martyred

stars of made for tv crimes

so dont ask me out

don't make me try

'cause i'm just gonna let you

i'm just gonna let you down


Motion City Soundtrack is a pop-punk band which includes members Joshua Cain (guitar), Justin Pierre (vocals/guitar), Jesse Johnson (Moog), Matthew Taylor (bass), and Claudio Rivera (drums). Following their high-school graduation, Minneapolis, MN natives Pierre and Cain -- both of whom were inspired by Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox, the Flaming Lips, and Superchunk -- formed the band in 1999. The pair assembled a temporary lineup and issued a self-released 7" that same year. ... selengkapnya

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