That Girl


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Went out with the guys
And before my eyes
There was this girl she looked so fine
And she blew my mind
And i wished she was mine
And i said hey wait up cos im off to speak to her

And my friends said
Never get her etc..
But i didnt care
Cos i loved her long blonde hair
And love was in the air
And she looked at me
And the rest is history
Dude your being silly cos your never gonna get that girl
And your never gonna get that girl

We spoke for hours
she took off my trousers
spent the day laughing in the sun
and we had fun
and my friends they all looked stunned
dude shes amazing and i cant believe you got that girl

And my friends said
Shes amazing etc..
It gave me more street cred
I dug the book she read
How can i forget
She rocks my world
more than any other girl
dude she shes amazing and i cant believe and i cant believe you got that girl

She looked incredible just turned 17
I guess my friends were right shes out of my league
so wat am i to do shes to gud to be true

But 3 days later went round to see her she was with another guy
And i sed fine
But i never asked her why
and since then loneliness has been a friend of mine

And my friends sed
Such a pity etc..
I let her slip away
They tell me everyday
Tht itll be ok
cos she rocks my world
more than anyother girl
dude such a pity and im sorry that you lost that girl

Profil MCFLY

McFly are a British pop band who first found fame in 2004. The band, formed in London, was founded by Tom Fletcher (lead vocals/guitar/piano) and also consists of Danny Jones (lead vocals/guitar), Dougie Poynter (vocals/bass guitar) and Harry Judd (drums). They have released five studio albums and had seven #1 singles.

They are managed by Prestige Management, and were signed to the Island Records label from their launch (2004) until December 2007, before creating their own label, Super Records. ... selengkapnya

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