Lost In Emotion

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

LOST IN EMOTIONLisa Lisa & Cult JamHit the beat nowLost in emotionSome guys will promise you a Marriage made in heavenBut I'm gonna stick to my gunsLike waitin for their love that I might be gettinMy dreams have just begunAm I awful to think of loveAre you freeAnd love for you, oh myAnd come to see you oh ohLost in emotionTelling you things you really shouldn't knowOh baby, I'm lost in emotionAm I fool at least my friends think soQue sera SeraBaby, whenever we're free, que sera seraBetween you and meJust how true are the rumors I am hearingAbout this crush you have on meMaybe I'm blind but I just don't see itBut I want to believe what they sayI find myself telling you thingsI don't even tell my best friendI can't show it the emotions overflowinJust wear it I'll dance aroundSometimes I wonder if I am in your heartEven though I don't live there yetI'm afraid it'll be cold and darkI'm lost in emotionTelling you things you really shouldn't knowI'm lost in emotionAm I a fool, at least my friends think soQue sera seraBetween you and meA boy couldn't goBaby am I a fool cause I don't knowJust how you feelI'll be there for you all the timeHit the beat nowWhen I'm feelin, I hate this feelinLost in emotion


Lisa Lisa (born Lisa Velez on January 15, 1967) and her band Cult Jam were one of the original American freestyle groups of the 1980s. The two other members of Cult Jam were guitarist/bassist Alex Moseley and drummer/keyboardist Mike Hughes. They were assembled and produced by Full Force.

The group released their debut album, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force in 1985, it went platinum[1]. The Personal Records label leased "I Wonder if I Take You Home" to the European division of CBS Records for the compilation album Breakdancing. ... selengkapnya

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