The One You Love(special Pepsi Track)


1st Couplet

You and time

Off the world

When it's got you down

When your flying through the air

When your crashing to the ground

When your searching for the light

There is no where to be found

Just find me,baby

2nd Couplet

I don't wanna be the strings

That ever tie you down

I won't ever be the broken wings

That keep you on the ground

3rd Couplet

But when you start to sing

I will be the sound

Just let me, baby

Group Refr.

I only wanna be the one you love

I only wanna be the one you want

So come and get me, baby

let me loos in side your soul

I only wanna be your everything

I wanna be the star in all your dreams

I do anything to be

The one you love

4th Couplet

Baby, you can tell me anything

All the secrets of your heart

You can look inside of me and see

How beautiful you are

I wanna show you everything

Each and every part of me is yours

Just take it, baby

Group Refr.

5th Couplet

Let me be the lover

You won't took uncover

Let me be the one you love

Hey baby

Group Refr.

Profil K-OTIC

1. K-OTIC is a five member boy group in Thailand produced by RS Promotions. This group consists of members with age ranges from 16 to 19. This group sings four languages: Thai, Korean, Japanese and English. It has a Korean member and two half-Thai and half-Japanese members. Their self-titled debut album was released on October 16, 2007.

2. K-Otic were a Dutch group that rose to fame via the TV show 'Starmaker'.Members:
-Bouchra Tjon Pong Fong (later a Member of the German Group Yoomi ... selengkapnya

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