Jethro Tull

cold aeroplanes, slow boats, warm trains

remind me of Jack-A-Lynn

lush hotels and pretty girls

won't cheer the misty mood i'm in

silly, sad -- i've never had to write this before --

oh, Jack-A-Lynn

funny how long nights allow

thoughts of Jack-A-Lynn

when phantoms tread around my bed

to offer restless dreams they bring

and it's just the time and place to find

a sad song to play

for Jack-A-Lynn

magpies that shriek, old boots that leak

call me to Jack-A-Lynn

coal-black cats in policeman's hats

nosing where the mice have been

and the long miaow's beginning now

and i'm far, far from home --

and Jack-A-Lynn


Jethro Tull is a progressive rock / folk rock band which formed in Blackpool, Lancashire, England in 1967. Their music is marked by the initially soulful and bluesy, and later expressively idiosyncratic, vocal style and unique lead flute work of frontman Ian Anderson; and by unusual and often complex song construction. Their music, though starting with blues rock with an experimental flavour, has incorporated elements of classical and celtic folk music, as well as art rock and alternative rock. ... selengkapnya

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