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Jayo Felony

featuring E 40 and Ice Cube

Jayo: What what what what? To all my niggas and females who don't

give a mad ass fuck: Get your shit cause we ride tonight! Any

questions? We just against y'all oppressors. So all you house niggers

stay in the motherfucking house. Cause y'all ain't got no business

outside anyway.

E 40: E 40 Ice Cube and Jayo Felony

E 40 Ice Cube on my 619 doing my work

The Super Bowl was at San Diego

Sitting back with Felony, Jayo

I ride high speed and shoot-outs with the fedder (fedder)

25 worth of ledda, nicknamed Bambayona

Belted like the rifleman

Call me Chuck O'Conner

Gliding, heading towards Mexico

Sliding, with an empty bottle of X.O.

Riding dept play for kept find out where they slept

Scotch taped to the neck

Slid on out like a vet

Big old, gigantic West Coast niggas tripping on they set

Underbuckets, new toys, looking out for the Elroys

Decoys, d-boys, searching for destroys

Cocaine for the bitch made

Heart pumping cool-aid

Sorrow but Simple Simon ass niggas that call theyselves timin'

Dictionary rhymin, Princess Kadymin

Pay me no mind and 25 worth a day grinding

Clockwork, all about my dirt calls

D.J. your party because I got scratch like Red Alert

Chorus 2x (Jayo Felony):

We just against y'all oppressors so don't try to oppress me/Hold me down

and arrest me/Causing me problems and stress me/Why these punks wanna

test me?/Why these punks wanna test me?/Why these jealous motherfuckers

wanna stress me and test me?

Jayo Felony:

Picture about me rolling through the country

With a spaceship on gold D's, taking over the world

Scooping up violator parollees, smoking hash and ch

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu JAYO FELONY

Jayo Felony is a rapper from southeast San Diego, California, who has ties to the Neighborhood Rollin 40's Crips (47th street). He was recognized by Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay with his single "Piss on Your Tombstone". He was signed to the record label owned by Jay, JMJ, in 1995. That year Jayo released his debut album, Take a Ride. In 1998, Jayo released his follow-up album, Watcha Gonna Do? on Def Jam. It featured Method Man, DMX, Mack 10, WC, Redman, Kokane, Ice Cube, E-40, 8 Ball & MJG. ... selengkapnya

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