Jack's Song

Jack Black

In the end of time,

there was a man who knew the road,

and the writing was written on the stone.

In the ancient time,

an artist led the way,

but no one seemed to understand.

In his heart he knew,

the artist must be true,

but the legend of the rent was way past due!

Oh, you think you'll be just fine,

without me but you're mine!

You think you can,

kick me out of the band.

But how can you kick me out of what is mine.

Well you're not hardcore,

unless you live hardcore,

but the legend of the rent,

was way hardcore! Yeah!


There are two rock 'n roll entities to be known as Jack Black. Jack Black the New York City based band, and the actor/musician.

The man, Thomas Black (born August 28, 1969), better known as Jack Black, is an American film/television actor and musician.

Black was born in Hermosa Beach, California to a middle-class Jewish family. His parents, Thomas W. Black and Judith C. Cohen, were satellite engineers and members of a naturist group, Family Synergy; they divorced when he was ten. ... selengkapnya

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