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Said to myself "I'll go up".

Makeup for myself, I'll never.

Always thought a firestarter.

Then another day to shut up.

Back to this town,

doing what you can.

Bound to be gone,

damd a loser.

Damd it but I'll never give up.

But everybody said to "Shut up".

Damd she might care to love up.

Then say she'll never get up.

Everybody said to shoot up.

Last time I tell them word up.

Down in the sun,

I did what I was told.

Did it to my self,

did it to my self.

And don't expect anything else.

Cause everybody told me "Shut up".

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu GORILLAZ

Gorillaz are a British virtual band formed in 1998 by Damon Albarn of Blur, and Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of the comic book Tank Girl. They had the idea to create the band while watching MTV in their London flat and originally intended to call the project Gorilla.

The band consists of four fictional band members: 2-D (vocals, keyboard), Murdoc Niccals (bass), Noodle (guitar, vocals), and Russel Hobbs (drums). These characters only appear in animated form and are not alter-egos of real people, as is often mistakenly assumed. ... selengkapnya

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