Make love to you your eyes are closed,

your body is rotting it's decomposed.

Your hair straggled in a spider's web ..

you're dead.

No remorse ..

screw the corpse.

Your clothes are in a state of decay,

just like you they're thrown away.

Your body's filled with lava flies,

why oh why did you have to die ?

I come and see you every night,

unlike my girl you don't put up a fight.

I'm close to you, put flowers on your womb ..

'cos I was born in your womb.

Profil G.B.H

G.B.H are a British punk band from Birmingham, formed in 1979, and still active today. They have stayed true to their punk sound, and their influence can be heard in many thrash and punk bands today. Notable albums include 'City Baby Attacked By Rats' and the E.P 'Leather, Bristles, Sick Boys, No Survivors...'. Notable songs include 'Generals', 'Alcohol', 'Big Women' and 'City Baby Attacked By Rats'. ... selengkapnya

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