Gunning For The President


Heard him on the radio, seen him on tv,

watched his movies he didn't impress me.

He's in the Whitehouse, i'm in the doledrums,

someone's gotta get him, before his time comes.

I'm no waster, my times well spent,

gunning for the president.

I'm on a mission, gone hell bent,

gunning for the president.

As president of the United States,

he's got some trouble, with his enlarged prostate.

Disease up the nose, disease up the ass,

he knows the secret, Irangate cash.

I'm the one guy,

who just couldn't take it anymore.

I've seen more class, in a two bit whore.

Made your name in the world of let's pretend,

and if its up to you, "dann ist der arson ab".

Clint's on the trail now, a man with no name,

his morals are high, but the results the same.

Forget the gun laws, elect a mad man,

president Eastwood, the first lady magnum.

Profil G.B.H

G.B.H are a British punk band from Birmingham, formed in 1979, and still active today. They have stayed true to their punk sound, and their influence can be heard in many thrash and punk bands today. Notable albums include 'City Baby Attacked By Rats' and the E.P 'Leather, Bristles, Sick Boys, No Survivors...'. Notable songs include 'Generals', 'Alcohol', 'Big Women' and 'City Baby Attacked By Rats'. ... selengkapnya

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