Who's Booty


[Erick Sermon]

Yo at a hip hop club was a girl I met

She was hot you can bet her body dripped with sweat

I kicked it to her and her name was Kim

She said let's jet because she was ready for the Jim

Browski I doubt thee E would front

so like a real stunt I rolled the Blunt

She was ready I could see in her face

She said "let's jet" we went back to her place

It was fat she had a dope crib

She offered food, like some barbucue ribs

I said "No thank you" not now honey

How about some drink, yes some Gin Rummy

After that, come here and sit down

We put on tender Roni by Mister Bobbi Brown

We waste no time, it was time to do it

Put on some James Brown so we can get into it

No kinky stuff, like ropes or handcuffs

But when you love me please don't be ruff



...So I dipped, I abandoned ship

threw in the anchor like on the boat tip

That's what I get for trying to be a lover

But never judge a book, by the damm cover

I'm not dissing, but I don't like fishing

And next time, I want to know who I'm kissing

You can call me gay or a tutti-frutti

But I won't touch it until I know who's Booty

[Parrish Smith]

Well I was maxin one day just minding my own

Talking to E-Double on my car cellular phone

When I seen this fly girl clocking her looks were temptating

The look in her eye was the look of infatuation

So I put my car in park, turned my system down

I said "Excuse me, are you new in town"

She said "it's funny you asked I just got here today"

I said "Yo, you need a lift because I'm going that way"

Profil EPMD

EPMD is an American hip-hop music group from Brentwood, New York, active from 1987 to 1999, reuniting in 2006; one of the prominent acts in East coast hip hop.

The group's name is an acronym for "Erick and Parrish Making Dollars", referencing its members: rappers Erick Sermon ("E Double") and Parrish Smith ("PMD"). Diamond J, DJ K La Boss, and later DJ Scratch were DJs for the group.

The duo split by January of 1993, under controversial circumstances. ... selengkapnya

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