Earth, Wind & Fire

Overnight, I'm caught up in your love

My surprise, baby

All at once, you're all I'm thinking of

Come, share my life


I'm here for you

Welcome to my love

Embracing you

Welcome to my love


Girl, my love is for you

Welcome to a love that's true

I think about the time I spend with you

Happy days, baby

The more I touch, the more I want of you

You changed my ways


Got next to me

Welcome to my love

Can I talk to you

Welcome to my love


You're my dream come true

Welcome love to me and you

While I'm layin' next to you

Welcome love to a love that's true

Let me talk to you

Welcome love for to be with you


Incorrect tag for the band Earth, Wind & Fire. Keep stats clean and add the correct artist name to your ID3 tags to avoid incorrect or duplicate artists - Add the comma, it is "earth", "wind" and "fire", not "EARTH WIND" and fire". Alternatively request the artist to be auto-tagged the pages to be merged. ... selengkapnya

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