See The Light

Earth, Wind & Fire

Lookin' through the clouds, what do you see?

Sky of gases, child in need

Troubles everywhere, more than I can bear

So I'm searching from within

Help them see the light

I'm a blossom, in the sun, sunshine of love

Singing loud to the one, I love above.

Shine on sun, let your light, guide my way.

For so long, there's been such darkness,

Got to be a better way

Keep me lord, help me to grow.

So I may, reap the fruits,

Of a free and happy soul.

Help them see the light.

Give me strength, when temptation calls.

Lift me up when life's battles make me fall.

Shelter me from the evil and the wrong.

So when ya call, dear lord, I said I'll be strong.

Walk with me, when the stormy nights are cold,

In your hand lies all control.

Master, then when my final song is sung,

With your mercy, I pray that you'll say well done.

Help them see the light


Incorrect tag for the band Earth, Wind & Fire. Keep stats clean and add the correct artist name to your ID3 tags to avoid incorrect or duplicate artists - Add the comma, it is "earth", "wind" and "fire", not "EARTH WIND" and fire". Alternatively request the artist to be auto-tagged the pages to be merged. ... selengkapnya

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