When People Become Numbers


sometimes our fingers speak louder than words

(aggravates illness and passes through spit)

I can see right through the back of your head.


if its right or its wrong if this is wrong.

I can't be right.

dear god, I think they're right.

how long before this dies?

we'll count the numbers,

we'll just forget.

we've learned to fail.

we've embraced regret.

that's not an honest answer

and we don't wish it was.

(you're like) sharpened sticks

passing hands, aimed at hearts,

passing through.

straight through my heart, pass my way.

sometimes our fingers speak louder than words. sometimes these wires pass right through the nerves

if my heart swelled from my chest

would you feed it glass or another kiss?

we'll go on for days,

for months,

for years


you'll break my heart.

if we count on each other over someone else's shoulder.

the way we do when people become numbers

am I a one,

a two,

a three,


five or six,

seven or an eight?


Considered Vermont's best extreme musical export, Drowningman burst into the scene with its 1997 debut 7" 'Weighted and Weighed Down' on Hydrahead Records. Combining elements of hardcore, metal, and melody, the band exhibits the ability to compose well-crafted songs of pummeling hardcore with melodic interludes, witty lyrics, and vocals ranging from hate filled screams to emotional singing. The band would release its debut LP, 'Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline' on Hydra Head Records in 1998 ... selengkapnya

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