Last Weeks Minutes From The Meeting Of The Se


say something and let it go.

more lines for crossing over everyday.

it feels so good to let it go.

saves me from those thoughts inside my head.

feels like the things we say.

gives them the words to choke on.

the things we say,

will never make them love you.

like heat I rise.

softest words ever spoke

aimed like a gun at the back of my throat.

you said it anyway.

I can hear them in the back.

I can hear them in the hall.

I can hear them when they say anything at all.

it sounds like tiny records

trapped inside the grooves.

when I try to turn it over

I can feel the whole place move.

it's what I did,

it's what I said.

it just a way for us to all wind up dead.

don't have to try to hard

at all to make me hate you.

does it feel good?

I've got friends that would die for me.

some might just kill

who's next?

my guess is you.

you fucking sell out.


Considered Vermont's best extreme musical export, Drowningman burst into the scene with its 1997 debut 7" 'Weighted and Weighed Down' on Hydrahead Records. Combining elements of hardcore, metal, and melody, the band exhibits the ability to compose well-crafted songs of pummeling hardcore with melodic interludes, witty lyrics, and vocals ranging from hate filled screams to emotional singing. The band would release its debut LP, 'Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline' on Hydra Head Records in 1998 ... selengkapnya

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