If God Loves A Winner He's Going To Want To F


those who are chosen

do not ask why.

if they ask say

we don't care.

when you're not here

we're glad your there,

we've still got our eyes in back.

if they ask we didn't ask,

we just want our bullets back.

we'll stand on line

to watch you die.

historically oppressed.

repeatedly marginalized

made to stand on stupid lines.

back rooms and detention halls.

think of all the lives you'd save.

your corner offices

freshly painted interiors

every last one

will become your mass graves.

say something

anything at all

if I was you

and i'm glad i'm not

all they'd hear is

one gun shot.

born to break even.

we're taking over

weak willed.

dedicated sinners.

god knows,

god loves a good winner.


Considered Vermont's best extreme musical export, Drowningman burst into the scene with its 1997 debut 7" 'Weighted and Weighed Down' on Hydrahead Records. Combining elements of hardcore, metal, and melody, the band exhibits the ability to compose well-crafted songs of pummeling hardcore with melodic interludes, witty lyrics, and vocals ranging from hate filled screams to emotional singing. The band would release its debut LP, 'Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline' on Hydra Head Records in 1998 ... selengkapnya

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