Shifting inside patterns

the division multiples

echoing the mystery

mimicking the slide

sound searching slowly

below the flaming web

moving with his eyes like fire

with his jackal-head

(with his jackal-head)

Give it all to birth

give it all to life

take it all for granted

until we turn and die

She answers with her staff

silence from her breath

silhouettes of temples falling

visions of certain death

hand lift it from the pocket

the prophet falls to red

the sacrifice is offered

to his jackal-head

(to his jackal-head)

He who defiles the tomb of the pharaoh

shall surely find swift death

He who defiles the womb of the

pharaoh's queen

shall surely find swift death


The Crüxshadows is an independent music group from Florida. Their sound is made up of a combination of moody male vocals, electric violin, guitar, and synth. Centered around vocalist and songwriter Rogue, the Crüxshadows blends 1980s inspired synth-pop and modern rock with poetic and introspective lyrics.

The band has enjoyed global popularity,releasing CDs worldwide and touring extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

For most of the band's career ... selengkapnya

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