Black Heavy Cat


Imagine the complications in our useless lives

and the frustrations we're building

withing our selfless tries

We're consumed within our mediocre tears

and our minds are fucked for several years

You live you learn, so they say

But the lesson you have been told

remains the same every single day

But whenever you go out

destiny is at our back

sticks to you like a black heavy cat

We're trying to make sense of absurd things

Bearing our burden on heavy wings

Gather all our joys and sorrows

but life is still completely shallow

We're reaching out to cease the day

and climb the highest tree in big dismay

What drives us to improve?

What drives us to go on?

I don't know

'cause tomorrow we'll be gone

[Solo: Vestergaard]

[Solo: Broberg]


There are at least twenty-five different artists sharing the name Aurora.

1) Aurora Aksnes, born in 1996, is a singer from Bergen, Norway and goes by the artist name AURORA. Best known for her single "Awakening" and subsequently a cover of Oasis' "Half The World Away" for the Christmas advert for UK department store, John Lewis released in November 2015. Aurora released the single "Under Stars" in December 2014 and a four-track EP titled "Running With The Wolves" in May 2015. ... selengkapnya

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