Area 7

Life in the fast lane, is taking its toll
I know the future won't bring me to my goal
The life of the party, has lost all his soul... and I know
My fading glory is a tarnished crown
As I run myself further to ground
Everyone's moved on, and I've lost my way... So you say

But I'm still getting kicks
While life throws stones and sticks
I'm still getting kicks
Looking for an easy fix

What happened to the life I once knew?
Where did all my close friends go?
What's that look I catch in their eye judging me... and my life
You say that you never see me at all
But you want me at your beck and call
But I can't leave behind the way that we were, and be sure

Profil AREA 7

There is more than one artist with this name

1. an Australian, punk, ska punk band formed in 1994

2. A Peruvian all female Nu Metal band formed in 1999

1. Area-7 rose from the ashes of Madness cover band Mad Not Madness. In 1994 three members, Dugald McNaughtan (keyboards), Charles "Chucky T" Thompson (guitar) and Dan Morrison (drums) left the group and began to write their own songs. They formed a band and named it after a lyric from The Specials' Dawning of a New Era. ... selengkapnya

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