All That Remains

every word that falls from my lips falls on deaf ears and I suffocate

now righteousness cast aside thrown to the ground

I close my eyes and I see you there

see you there

but my eyes deceive me

every other sense says I'm alone

now waking hours melt to sleepness nights

and all fear has left me

if I could learn from my past

I'd posess the strength to walk away

let your sweet taste fall from my lips

but it resonates

and now I hold this so dear

to let it fade would tear me apart

if I now left this all behind

simply turned and walked away

would the dawns light fall upon my face

to end this tragedy

still deep in the long black

behind the shimmering blue

I'd swear that I have seen

the last soul that I care to

so this is passion and it crawls upon my skin

and it sinks into my bones and I am whole again

and I feel it filling me

and I pray it will never end

now it burns within my veins

and I am writhing in ecstasy


All That Remains is a Massachusetts, United States-based melodic metalcore band. Originally established in 1998, the group is currently signed to Prosthetic Records. Vocalist Philip Labonte was previously singer for the metal band Shadows Fall before he was replaced by Brian Fair. The band's debut album, Behind Silence And Solitude, was released in March 2002, prompting to hail the group as "one of the premier metalcore acts this side of the Atlantic. ... selengkapnya

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