Cain's Blood

4 Runner


Half of my blood is Cain's blood

Half of my blood is Abel's

One eye looks to Heaven

One eye looks for trouble

Sweet mother, she sang in the Sunday choir

On her head was a halo, she spoke brimstone and fire

Daddy lived by the bottle, Daddy died by the barn

Well, he froze one night, Mama said "Serves him


"The devil can keep him warm"


Guess I always saw myself as a simple man

But there's a man in the mirror I don't understand

Every day I fight it, but I know down deep

It's the secrets I've been keeping

Rising from their sleep


There's an angel and a devil playing tug of war with

my soul (Half of my blood is Cain's blood)

The battle rages on each and every day (Half of my blood is Abel's)

It's all I can do just to try to maintain control (Half of my blood is



My one and only hope(one and only hope) is to my knees and pray

Profil 4 RUNNER

A vocal quartet formed in the 1990s, consisting of Craig Morris (lead vocals), Billy Crittenden (baritone), Lee Hilliard (tenor) and Jim Chapman (bass). Crittenden co-wrote Diamond Rio's "Love a Little Stronger", and Chapman is the brother-in-law of Steven Curtis Chapman.

4 Runner released its debut disc in 1995, charting in the top 40 with "Cain's Blood". They also recorded a second album, but it was never released and they broke up. The band reunited in 2003 with Michael Lusk replacing Crittenden, and released one more album. ... selengkapnya

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