Living In America

2 Live Crew

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice

There's 8 million stories in every city

And Americans love to watch it on TV

There's gays, lesbians, stripper nymphos

Teenage prostitutes, husbands gone psycho

The haters hate it 'cause it's too hot for TV

But America rules, nasty as we wanna be

Always #1 across the land

So don't hate Jerry 'cause he's the man!

With more fight time than HBO

And even Don King should promote talk shows

It't the best thing in years to hit the TV

'Cause America's rowdy-rowdy like Master P

Players everywhere love a good talk show

'Cause the hoochies get naked like a 2 Live show

So always represent the American way:

Freedom of speech and always gettin' paid!


[Living in America!]

[Living in America!] (All the time, station to station)

[Living in America!] (Here to here, across the nation)

[Living in America!] (Got to have a celebration)

Verse 2: Brother Marquis

The ghetto got me caught up in some talk show shhhhh

Now I'm on TV to find that my girl was a trick

She did my main man, plus my own band

I had to take a stand and beat the trick bad

Two sisters, that were doin' the two brothers

Now they fight 'cause they was doin' each other

The girl posin' nude used to be a dude

Outcasted from the family, now they startin' a feud

The man cheatin' on his wife got caught last night

'Cause the girl he was kissin' was a transvestite

Got caught on TV where it's too late to fight

Now the whole world knows about his secret life

50-year-old mom, dressed him like a hoochie

The hoodrat pulls a gat on the groupie

Too hot for TV, too much for the mov

Profil 2 LIVE CREW

2 Live Crew (also known as "The 2 Live Crew") is a controversial miami bass group, largely known due to the sexual themes of one hip-hop album: 1989's 'As Nasty As They Wanna Be'. It was both certified double platinum by the RIAA as well as subject to an acrimonious legal case. 2 Live Crew formed as three young men in the U.S. Air Force all met each other after they became stationed in Riverside, California in 1984.

Made up of Fresh Kid Ice (born Chris Wong Won), DJ Mr. ... selengkapnya

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