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With a combination of Bryony's rich, resonant vocals, and Erin's modal guitar style Tinkerscuss set out to enthral, bespell and to wrap the listener in the mists of myth and legend. Tinkerscuss are renowned for singing songs which are dark and eerie and this makes them perfect for settings with a more appreciative audience. By using delicately wrought links between the songs, Tinkerscuss make the experience coherent and one not to be missed. It’s like having a story book sung to you just before being tucked up on a dark winter’s night. As for the albums ‘Of Darkwoods and Bright Fires’ is sheer delight. As one review put it: “..The perfect album to listen to in a cottage amid a dark wood, cosied up to a bright fire. ” and for ‘Mythago’ the review by Folkwords says it all. .....
"Delicate, powerful beauty. Mythago from Tinkerscuss is a rare, rich treasure of story and myth delivered with refined atmosphere and edge. Mythago encompasses depth, power and force delicately applied. Just a touch is all that's needed to reach out and enthrall the listener. There is within this album a mix of love, fear, darkness and light that carries a dreadful beauty. To Make You Stay is gentle soft seduction, while The Cursing Song has a guitar that slithers up and down your spine. And their outstanding version of Long Lankin will linger in your head for a long time. Fine Horseman is magic - probably best listened to in front of a single candle in the dark - just to make sure you're spooked. An album of passionate music. "

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