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Soul ID is a HipHop/R&B Group representing Jakarta, Indonesia. The group contains 2 Rapper: Drusteelo&Tabib Qiu, 2 Singers: MissJaydee&Afrogil. However this is not the original formation. First bursting into the scene in the year 2003,Drusteelo, Jiggytime(R.I.P), G Quest were known as SOULID. They released their first album in 2004, entitled ESOYUELAIDI with GMG recording/Warner Music. With 3 top charts singles, a promising future, they are ready to hit full throtle..until February 6 2005, after they finished their sophmore album, on the way home from the studio, a terrible car accident lost the life of our beloved Jiggytime, and as if its not bad enough, a couple of weeks later G Quest quit the group to join Indonesian Idol. So with a full 2nd album on hand,the only member left, Drusteelo determines to keep on going no matter what, to honor his peers.Then a surprised came when EMI Recording Label wants to sign Soulid as their artist. It has been a long road and when it finally arrives, the member is 2 people short, so EMI ask Drusteelo to recruit new members for the group, and for about 3 months, finally 3 people were gathered and the group's were reborn with a new name : Soul ID. They released their 2nd album SOULFIDELIS( meaning:Always Faithfull) in October 2005. Of course Jiggytime's last work is still on the album. And he still have a lot of unreleased materials. As far as Drusteelo's and G Quest goes, they still friends. But a new chapter is ready to be filled with more journey..Tabib Qiu, MissJayde, Afrogil & Drusteelo is ready with new and fresh materials. Although they just resign from EMI Indonesia ( that's another long story..he.he..), Soul ID is confident with their decissions and looking for a more and wide opportunities with a new label in the future... AND U DON'T STOP !!!! Soul ID’s 3rd album ‘JIWARAGA’ was released in May 2007 under Rizky Rekordz and Universal Music Indonesia.

News update !!!
Afrogil is no longer with the group as he is focussing on his solo album. As for Soul ID, be on the lookout for their latest single with Dmust Akira Collusion! Hitting the stores in January 2008!!

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