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There are at least 3 bands which are called RAN.

1. Formed in November 18th 2006, RAN is acronym from the 3 Indonesian members; Rayi (vocal/rap), Asta (guitar) and Nino (vocal). They were studied in the same high school. Rayi and Asta, who were in the same level made a band with their schoolmates named F.R.D. which had won in some band festivals, and once played in Malaysia as well. When they graduated, they decided to disperse the band. So at that time, Rayi and Asta just made songs in Asta's room using home recording tools. They met Nino who was their junior in high school soon after that. He hung out in Asta's place and joined making songs with the two others. Then when they joined Insof (Indonesian Song Festival) in Jakarta, they got the 2nd places. So they decided to make a group, since they felt that they have the congruence in making songs. They named the group RAN. A producer from KEP Media and Universal Music Indonesia soon is offering them to make an album after that. So they recorded their first album titled 'RAN For Your Life', and released it in May 2007. Public likes their music because it's a fun and fresh one. The pop creative RAN is offering to music lovers consists of many genres, such as R&B, soul, hip hop, jazz, reggae, dance, etc. Their first single 'Pandangan Pertama' got 1st place in some TV & radio charts. And apparently, so many people loves these 3 boys so RAN happened to get 130,000 and more fans in their Friendster account, and also 102,000 and more in their Facebook page. RAN do a very attractive show performance. Supported by some talented additional music players, they always make a very dynamic arrangements. Local medias also giving good praises for RAN's music, can be seen in many good album reviews they wrote. RAN's performance in Java Jazz 2008 was being watched by more than 3,000 people, and they got it filmed and released in DVD version; 'RAN Live at Java Jazz Festival'. RAN was also chosen as a brand ambassador for Wall's Conello. They got 'Rookie of the Year' in Rolling Stone Editor's Choice Award 2009, and their big fans; popularly known as RANers; play a big role on RAN's music career. It's proven by their winning on Indonesian Nickelodeon Kids's Choice Awards 2009 for the most favorite music group/duo. RAN has just released their 2nd album titled 'Friday' in August 2009, which gets many good feedback from public and the medias too. The 2nd album's songs are surely to have more mature both vocals and music sense. There are 3 colaborations in this album. A female singer from Malaysia, Shila, appears on 'Tunjukkan Cintamu', Dewi Sandra (famous female singer from Indonesia) on 'Budak Cinta' which is RAN's first rock song, and a very beautiful piano melody from Andi Rianto combined with romantic lyrics on 'Piano'. There are 3 songs which use full english lyrics. Thank God It's Friday / T.G.I. Friday is one of them, and one of the bombs in this album.
They were also invited to perform in Carnaval SoundNation 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

With The Helping Hands From
Mr. Rendy Raditya / Kopay on Bass
Mr. Belanegara A.P / Abe on Percussions
Mr. Rama Hiswara / Rama on Drums
Mr. Aldhan Prasatya / Aldhan on Keys & Synth


2. Ran is a new formed rock band in Istanbul / Turkey, with Cenk Ünnü (also drummer of Mezarkabul ) and Murat Çelik (guitars).

3. RAN is also the name of an Irish melodic/technical/post-hardcore/screamo/post-rock/punk/everything band. Hailing from North Wicklow and South Dublin, and made up of members from Kidd Blunt, Enemies and Find A Way, RAN’s genre is definitely a difficult one to put a finger on. The band creates large, emotional, shouty music in the vein of certain melodic hardcore/post-hardcore bands, but it seems to be highly prominent post-rock and even some pop influences that sets the band apart from anything else within this genre, giving them a unique quality that grabs the attention of a much broader audience.

RAN started off under the title 'Almost Cliché' in 2004. Since then the line-up has changed numerous times, now leaving guitarist Johnny Heffernan and vocalist/bassist Mark O’Brien as the only original members of the band. Since their formation (and in between line-up changes) the band have toured Ireland several times have had the pleasure of playing alongside hugely inspirational artists such as Cougar, Blakfish, Halfset, Cian Nugent, Life At These Speeds, Strike Anywhere, Hooray For Humans, Science Of Yabra, Tubelord and Heathers.


Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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