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There's more than one artist under name Peter:
1) Peter Hyun, Korean born singer and dancer
2) indie/experimental/garage band from Budapest
3) Ikehata Shinnosuke (aka Peter), Japanese singer, dancer and actor
4) pEter, boy band from Netherland
5) Peter Griffin, fictional character from the tv show, Family Guy
6) Peter Hallett
7) Band from Glasgow
8) Drummer of the german metal band, Spirit of Cronos
9) Spanish DJ

1) Peter, or Peter Hyun, is Korean born but raised in Syndey, Australia. He excelled in the performing arts as a child (dancing can be easily seen in his recent PV, “Show Man”).
He was taught the dancing styles of Tap, Jazz, Broadway, Lyrical, Ballet (Trained), Hip Hop, Breaking & Acrobatics and now working on the style of latin. He is currently signed to “Pan Entertainment”, one of the major labels of Korea , Pan Entertainment is also known for making many K-drama such as “Winter Sonata”. His first album, “Vol. 1 Show Man” was released on 2/1/2008.


3) Peter (Ikehata Shinnosuke - 池畑慎之介)) (born August 8, 1952 in Sakai, Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese singer, dancer and actor who has appeared in Akira Kurosawa's Ran and Toshio Matsumoto's Bara no Sōretsu. Ikehata also uses his stage name of Peter (ピーター, Pītā) when he appears on TV variety shows and musical revues. He adopted the stage name when he was 16 after his style of dress and dance which was said to resemble Peter Pan.

4) pEter (written with lower case p and capital E) is a band of five boys aged between 20 and 25. They're from Zutphen, in the east-side of the Netherlands. Ever since the first day, in 2000, the band plays its own material, "because we don't need cover material." Because their material is so catchy and diverse, a gig by the band will never bore you. Their catchy-sensitive pop/rock sound is, every gig again, a big succes.

When they're performing live, pEter turns out to be an energy-explosion. Singer Cyriel lets all his energy and feelings out in the crowd in a way that HAS to move you. It's hard not to move at a gig by this band.

5) Peter Griffin is a fictional character on the tv show family guy. Family Guy has a CD out which is streaming on

6) Peter (full name Peter Hallett) released at least one single ("Values" b/w "Peace", 1970), which was a hit in the Netherlands.

7) Peter are a band from Glasgow, formed in late 2010.

8) Peter is the drummer of the german metal band: Spirit of Cronos

9). Peter is Spanish DJ

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