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Tirren Staaf (born 1977), otherwise known as Pegz (or MC Pegasus), is an Australian hip hop artist and producer hailing from Melbourne, Victoria. He is the CEO of Obese Records. The record label responsible for artists such as Hilltop Hoods, Downsyde, and Bias B.

Pegz musical career is long and impressive and his impact as an artist is no less impressive than his business achievements. Pegz earliest music influences were his mom's Stevie Wonder records and Polynesian parties with his father. This soulful influence can be heard on his various tracks throughout his releases.

His first self-titled EP release was in 2000 creating the underground anthems "Everyshow" and the club favorite "Fatter". His second release in 2002 was a collaborative 12" with U.K.'s premier Hip-Hop group Task Force. This was a dream come true for Pegz and it sold over 700 copies in London, setting a local precedent. Pegz' debut full length LP, "Capricorn Cat" sold out across Australia and was considered one of 2003's best local Hip-Hop releases.

His business achievements continue to be admirable and will only be enhanced by the recent purchase of Zenith Records, the only record pressing facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Obese Records is Australia's largest independent hip hop label, a retail store, and a touring and distribution company. Pegz is no business academic or fortunate relative. He has built his empire with over 15 years of passion for Hip-Hop and hard work. Zoo Dynamics is the international side of Obese Records. By releasing LPs by Crown City Rockers, Grand Agent, Supastition, Grayskul and Debaser the label has helped quality lesser known international acts be heard in Australia.

Working with and giving back to the community is something that is important to Pegz. From 2000 to 2005 he hosted a radio show with Reason on Melbourne's community station PBS FM. Pegz regularly works with St Kilda Youth Services taking troubled teenagers through Obese Records. He is currently involved in preparing the compilation “Songs of St Kilda” for struggling young artists. Pegz is a man on a mission, and his dedication to the local scene has been evident in the continued development he has nurtured over the past 5 years. And not just believing in the scene, but creating opportunities for all active MC's and producers to turn their passions into a reality, or a release

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