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1.Narrows are comprised of a seasoned cast of musicians: Dave Verellen (Botch, Roy), Rob Moran (Unbroken, Some Girls), Ryan Fredereksen (These Arms Are Snakes), Jodie Cox (Tropics, Bullet Union), and Sam Stothers (Makeout Boys, Quarantine).

Narrows' "Self Titled" debut was recorded and engineered by Ben Verellen (Harkonen, Roy), brother to vocalist Dave Verellen. In these three remarkable songs, Narrows transcend the tired sub-genres of hardcore/punk/metal and leave their own unforgettable musical scar. Proving that they are the celebrated past, awe inspiring present, and infectious future of today's heavy music community.

2. Narrows is the most recent solo project of J. Flannelly (PoopVaginaButtWetness). His self-published album "Spaced" was made this year (2008).

3. The following songs are by St. John's, Newfoundland-based post-progressive rock band, Narrows: "Shining", "54321", "Memory Lane", "Uninverse", "Manatee", "Moving Bodies", and "Tedinverse". Please see for more info!

4. 'The Narrows' is a heavy slow rock band originally from Bellingham, Washington.

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