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María Rodríguez, also known as La Mala, La Mala María, or Mala Rodríguez, is a Spanish hip hop singer. She was born in Jerez de la Frontera,(Cádiz), 13 February 1979. She moved to Seville when she was 4 and to Madrid when she was 19.

Her hip-hop songs are greatly influenced by flamenco music. Some of her lyrics talk about feminism and the problems of the outcasts of society, but in general they are rather abstract.

She became well known in the Spanish hip-hop scene around 1998/1999 when she collaborated with other Sevilla groups like SFDK. However her style was a lot more rough and hardcore. Later on she crossed-over to the mainstream audience with her solo albums but she left behind most of the edge she had in her beginnings and her sound became more laid-back.

She admitted to having been a heroin junkie in her youth but claims that since then she cleaned up. She used to date rapper/producer Supernafamacho, from the group CPV (the founding fathers of Spanish rap). Later on she got involved with a Cuban MC, from the group Explosión Suprema who's now the father of her first baby.

Her music has been featured of the soundtracks of the Spanish films, Lucía y el Sexo (Sex and Lucía), Yo Puta (her songs were used on the movie's television adverts and trailers), the Mexican film, Y tu Mamá También, and the French film, L'Auberge espagnole.

She was also featured on the soundtrack for the EA Sports FIFA 2005 and Scarface: The World is Yours video games.

Most recently, her single "Por la noche" was featured in the Spanish film, "Yo Soy la Juani" (2007). She has also recorded "Mala Suerta con el 13" ("Mala, Loose with -Residente, from Calle- 13) with the Puerto Rican rap duo Calle 13.

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