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LUDWIG HIRSCH (born on 28 Feb 1946 in Weinberg/Styria) is an Austrian singer/songwriter and actor. He started his musical career in 1978 with the album "Dunkelgraue Lieder" (Darkgrey songs).

On November 24, 2011 Hirsch committed suicide, by jumping from a window at Wilhelminenspital, a major hospital in Vienna. He was 65.

1978 "Dunkelgraue Lieder" (Darkgrey songs)
1979 "Komm, grosser schwarzer Vogel" (Come, big black bird)
1980 "Zartbitter" (Bittersweet)
1982 "Bis zum Himmel hoch" (High up to the sky)
1983 "Bis ins Herz" (Into the heart)
1984 "6 - Traurige Indianer + Unfreundliche Kellner" (6 - Sad Indians + Unfriendly Waiters)
1986 "Landluft" (Country air)
1988 "Liebestoll" (Lovesick)
1991 "In meiner Sprache" (In my language)
1992 "Gottlieb - Live"
1995 "Tierisch" (Animalistic)
1999 "Dunkelgrau - Live" (Darkgrey - Live)
2002 "Perlen" (Pearls)
2006 "In Ewigkeit Amen" (Forever and ever dames)

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